the pressure's on.

you take pride in your car, your outdoor space and the surfaces around your home. get out there and power off the dirt fast and easy with our super team of pressure washers. 


power wash your car, patio furniture and outside areas with our gas or electric light-duty pressure washers. 


take on that garage floor, deck, driveway and even the house siding with our medium-duty pressure washers. 


step up to wipe out the toughest stains, remove paint and eradicate rust or graffiti with our heavy-duty pressure washer.  


  • delivers higher-pressure water
  • quickly cleans large areas such as decks, siding and driveways without the need for chemicals
  • great for working outside where an electric supply is hard to find or where string extension cords would be dangerous or inconvenient 


  • best for small decks and patios, outdoor furniture and other small jobs that require mainly cleaning instead of stain removal
  • units are compact, quiet and easy to move around
  • require little upkeep and do not need to be winterized
learn more about the electric powered briggs & stratton pressure washers
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