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My name is Mariana, I used to introduce myself as MannaNna, the name that my mother would call me by since I can remember. Most of my story and my motivation is mostly in her memory.

At the age of 12 years old, I received a gift from my mother,  a 12 eyeshadows palette and a brush.  That's where the obsession began. Every day after school I would come home and play with my palette. I would apply different colors to each eye. Green on the right and blue on the left. Afterward, I would help her around the house and we would talk about which one looks better and why.

From then on I was my mother's makeup artist and hair stylist for every event. One night she was heading out to a special party and when I got done with her makeup and hair she grabbed me by my cheeks and looking me in the eyes with such pride she said something that influenced me so much and I will never forget.

"MannaNna, you're amazing and the fact that you made me feel so special and unique, should encourage you to continue your passion. Just imagine how much you can change a soul, and how special you can make someone feel."

Coming to America, things began to change. My passion grew every day and I began collecting pallets brushes, lipsticks and everything else related to cosmetics. To understand my obsession, my vanity table had more than a hundred lipsticks and stacks of palettes. I have every brand out there.

There were nights where I couldn't fall asleep, I was thinking of a makeup look I wanted to do and could not wait for the next day to do it, so sometimes I found myself at 3am in front of the mirror. I always like to explore and for me, the makeup has no limits. That's why I always try new things, make combinations, and draw conclusions on how good are the products that I've used.

Honestly, a few months ago my passion stopped, as my mom left for a better world. And as a result, I stopped believing in myself and doing things that made me feel special. That lasted till one day when my boyfriend said to me:
"MannaNna,  your mom left you in the hands of a soul that you love and one that will support you in everything: That's why I tell you not to give up on yourself and all the things that make you feel wonderful. Do not stop your passion, and remember what your Mommy was telling you about it, make her proud."
The pain was so great we did not realize what was happening. Our discussion made me realize that where I am today is because of her, and my duty is to make her happy about who I am.

If you are still reading this, my promise to you is it to do everything in my power to give you that special feeling that my mother was describing.

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